by Colton White

Shortness of breath, moans, pain, numbness, restlessness, hospital bed, a helpless face, morphine, needles, nurses shift change, confusion, worry, the shadow of death, the simple fragility of life. As my mother lay 10 feet away, I have nothing to offer, no solution, but my prayers.  I have no power over her condition, and in this moment I can see fingerprints of humanities fall. Jesus is better

These are the things that have become my environment this last week. When the reality check of life comes you are forced to reflect on who the Lord really is. Sovereign. Faithful. Scary. Omnipotent. Gracious. Loving. Jesus is better

When our selfishness is revealed, and all the things we once cared about are put in their rightful place.  They are Irrelevant.  Indeed, suffering is the best hermeneutic.  It is the place where the Lord is most present.  The place where scripture is illuminated, when all is stripped away, and we see the magnitude of his glory and the depths of our depravity.  Jesus is better. Jesus is better. Jesus is better.  

Many of us have been in this situation, where life strips away all that we thought was worthy of our praise, only to have the Lord reveal to us that only he is truly worthy of our glory.  We are thieves, taking what is rightfully his, and whoring it out to foolish things.  Things that will never satisfy. We are drinking in sand and wondering why we are still thirsty.  Indeed, Jesus is better.  

Our story does not end in a hospital bed. No, praise Him. He put on flesh. Lived the life we could not. Died our death. Raised to live again. Amen, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. The stain has been lifted.  No more sacrifice necessary. Now we fill in what is lacking in Christ affliction- the spreading of this Gospel. Proclamation that Jesus is better

In my mothers death you are praised.  In her life you are praised.  You get the glory, and we get the joy. Chosen by you. Sons and daughters. Your beloved. Jesus, you are better.